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Name E-mail Website Country Your favourite Takuya?
Phyllis www China Hero
Howard Mike www Malaysia Pride
Daitsuki www Indonesia Love Generation
Momoii www Malaysia Engine
Norma Summers www United States 2046
Janice www Canada In SMAP
Ronny www Indonesia Pride
Nyx31 e-mail www Philippines Pride
Gabbie e-mail www United States Beautiful Life
Anna www Russia Beautiful Life
Radiogirl www Thailand Pride
Neri www Philippines Long Vacation
Longlongryo www China Undecided
Nurul www Malaysia Beautiful Life
Siti Rohana www Malaysia Undecided
Gemille Adao www Philippines Beautiful Life
Rina Yagami www Mexico Hero
Enep e-mail www Indonesia Engine
Edward e-mail www Singapore Other
Regina www Singapore Engine
Maria Goh www Singapore Hero
Phineox e-mail www United States In SMAP
Sheeva www Indonesia In SMAP
Syarifah Noor www Malaysia Pride
Zhi Xuen www Malaysia In SMAP
Lily e-mail www United States Pride
Jihee Jung e-mail www South Korea Long Vacation
Fazzy e-mail www Singapore Pride
Barbara www Greece Pride
Vye Madden www Malaysia Pride
Bochan www Indonesia Engine
Aileen www Philippines Long Vacation
Nadya www Malaysia Good Luck
Saruwatari Shun e-mail www Japan Hero
Astri e-mail www Indonesia Pride
Nashaixora www Malaysia Engine
Icon www Canada In SMAP
Herchel www Philippines Undecided
Ena www Malaysia Long Vacation
Jonna e-mail www Singapore Hero
Pearl Lee e-mail www Singapore Long Vacation
Ash www Malaysia Beautiful Life
Djsammi0109 www China Long Vacation
Ning e-mail www Philippines Engine
Anso www Belgium Pride
Michele e-mail www United States In SMAP
Gibson www Philippines Long Vacation
Mayday23 www China Beautiful Life
Mel e-mail www Canada Other
Zuccherofilato e-mail www Italy Long Vacation

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