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Name E-mail Website Country Your favourite Takuya?
Erin www United States Love Generation
Hulk www Malaysia Hero
Joan Jiang e-mail www Singapore Pride
Ydda www Philippines Pride
Amirul www Malaysia Pride
Misseda www Malaysia Engine
Adara e-mail www Spain Pride
Arsylle e-mail www Japan Engine
Melissa e-mail www United States Pride
Boloroo e-mail www Mongolia Beautiful Life
Wandy www Malaysia Pride
Nancy www China Hero
Vannessa e-mail www China Good Luck
Anissina www Hungary Engine
Hersheys e-mail www Philippines Love Generation
Windyz e-mail www Malaysia In SMAP
Nain e-mail www Malaysia Pride
Eadzelinazmi www Malaysia Pride
Fatrien e-mail www Malaysia Pride
Ploi www Thailand Good Luck
Suematsu Akiko e-mail www Japan Hero
Sam www Hong Kong In SMAP
Katia Sousa e-mail www Portugal Pride
June www United States Bushi no Ichiban
Puenpha78 www Thailand Pride
Ami e-mail www Japan Gift
Sheila Krugh www United States Other
Arieff e-mail www Malaysia Other
Shirley Tam e-mail www Hong Kong Pride
Mary Ann Custan www Philippines Long Vacation
Kiminami www Philippines Undecided
Debbie www Malaysia Undecided
Alfie e-mail www Philippines Engine
Corrinne e-mail www Macau Engine
Melinda P Kasun www Malaysia Love Generation
Farah e-mail www Malaysia Engine
Adeline e-mail www Singapore In SMAP
Anir www Mongolia Engine
Sethy www Germany Other
Maggiey www Hong Kong Pride
Aminah Bte Sam www Malaysia Engine
Weng www Japan Undecided
Jenny www Canada Hero
Angela e-mail www Malaysia Engine
Nhors www Philippines Engine
Christma www Indonesia Long Vacation
Carmen Yu www Hong Kong Love Generation
Young Yip www China Hero
Fmsiew www Malaysia Pride
Nieda www Malaysia Pride

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