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Name E-mail Website Country Your favourite Takuya?
Emiajenny e-mail www Argentina Pride
Misaki www Singapore 2046
Chin www Malaysia Pride
Yanaliao www Philippines Engine
Minamija www Malaysia Pride
Choetso www United States Undecided
Kj Eio www Singapore Long Vacation
Dalia e-mail www Malaysia Hero
Huransu www France Undecided
Nurul e-mail www Malaysia Good Luck
Althea e-mail www Australia Other
Ai Mei www Singapore Pride
M. A. e-mail www Philippines Pride
Donna Lau www Singapore Pride
Vayz www Philippines Pride
Movt_ad www Malawi Beautiful Life
Azahar www Malaysia Pride
Yolanda22 e-mail www China Love Generation
Noor Afidah www Malaysia Pride
Shafiesarip www Malaysia Love Generation
Mizuki e-mail www Argentina Pride
Lulu www Malaysia Long Vacation
Allyenna e-mail www Spain Pride
Kurochi e-mail www

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