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Name E-mail Website Country Your favourite Takuya?
Adara e-mail www Spain Pride
Adeline e-mail www Singapore In SMAP
Aileen www Philippines Long Vacation
Ai Mei www Singapore Pride
Alfie e-mail www Philippines Engine
Allyenna e-mail www Spain Pride
Althea e-mail www Australia Other
Ami e-mail www Japan Gift
Aminah Bte Sam www Malaysia Engine
Amirul www Malaysia Pride
Angela e-mail www Malaysia Engine
Anir www Mongolia Engine
Anissina www Hungary Engine
Anna www Russia Beautiful Life
Anso www Belgium Pride
Arieff e-mail www Malaysia Other
Arsylle e-mail www Japan Engine
Ash www Malaysia Beautiful Life
Astri e-mail www Indonesia Pride
Azahar www Malaysia Pride
Barbara www Greece Pride
Bochan www Indonesia Engine
Boloroo e-mail www Mongolia Beautiful Life
Carmen Yu www Hong Kong Love Generation
Chin www Malaysia Pride
Choetso www United States Undecided
Christma www Indonesia Long Vacation
Corrinne e-mail www Macau Engine
Daitsuki www Indonesia Love Generation
Dalia e-mail www Malaysia Hero
Debbie www Malaysia Undecided
Djsammi0109 www China Long Vacation
Donna Lau www Singapore Pride
Eadzelinazmi www Malaysia Pride
Edward e-mail www Singapore Other
Emiajenny e-mail www Argentina Pride
Ena www Malaysia Long Vacation
Enep e-mail www Indonesia Engine
Erin www United States Love Generation
Farah e-mail www Malaysia Engine
Fatrien e-mail www Malaysia Pride
Fazzy e-mail www Singapore Pride
Fmsiew www Malaysia Pride
Gabbie e-mail www United States Beautiful Life
Gemille Adao www Philippines Beautiful Life
Gibson www Philippines Long Vacation
Herchel www Philippines Undecided
Hersheys e-mail www Philippines Love Generation
Howard Mike www Malaysia Pride
Hulk www Malaysia Hero

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